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From colour-change vinyl wraps to paint protection films (PPFs), we have all your automobile styling needs covered under one roof.

100% Aussie
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For your peace of mind, we are proud to announce that ImStyled Automotive Styling is 100% Aussie-owned and managed local business.


All our installers are certified and highly-trained to ensure our customer satisfaction is achieved every single time. That is our promise to you.

Our Services.

A wide range of styling services to choose from

Colour-Change Vinyl Wrap

Fancy a new colour but hate the permanent & expensive repaint? Vinyl wrap is one of the most cost-effective & flexible solutions.

Paint Protection Films (PPFs)

Looking for the ultimate scratch, impact & chemical protection for your ride? Look no further than paint protection films (PPFs).

Premium Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating ensures longer-lasting showroom shine to the paintwork of your vehicle while making everyday cleaning a breeze.

Ceramic Window Tinting

At ImStyled, we use some of the best & well-known window tinting films in the industry for the best heat, UV & IR rejection to date.

Chrome Trim Delete

Can't stand the factory chrome finishes? We can transform all that with our stealth chrome trim delete package.

Other Styling Services

We also provide other services such as custom spoiler fitting, racing stripes design & installation or even wrapping a bike helmet lol.

About Us.

Your one-stop automotive styling destination

Professional Installation Setup

We are committed to a perfect installation every single time. That is why we are dedicated to be in the process of building one of the best installation setups in the industry for your peace-of-mind.

Sky Is The Limit

With more than 100 colours, each of which offers 4 more textures, only the sky is the limit when it comes to colour-change vinyl wraps.

When Precision Matters

We have the best design software & plotters in the industry for the ultimate precision and perfection for ther best result possible.

- Who Are We -

ImStyled was formed back in 2015 by a group of car enthusiasts whose passion was to create one of the best one-stop automotive styling destinations in the Melbourne & regional regions.

- Our Philosophy -

We believe we have the necessary skillsets and dedication (and a little bit OCD) to make your beloved vehicle stand out from the crowed. We are passionate about what we do.

- Our Differences -

We are certified vinyl wrap & paint protection films installers. We partner only with reputable brands and products from approved suppliers for the authenticity & quality of our works.


What others have to say about us

Kerri Villarosa VILLAROSA

I am an online business owner, and I couldn't be happier with the styling services provided by ImStyled. Their attention-to-detail, professionalism, and flawless execution have transformed my vehicle into a mobile advertisement, boosting my brand's visibility and attracting new customers.

Yan Lin Hayeswinckle Agent

As a real estate agent, I rely on impactful marketing strategies to stand out in a competitive market. Thanks to Jason and his team at ImStyled, my vehicle has become a powerful mobile billboard, capturing attention and generating leads. Their expertise and creativity have elevated my brand and boosted my business.

Michael Chan Almitas Group

Being a distributor, branding and visibility are crucial for my success. Thanks to ImStyled's top-notch styling services, my company's fleet now serves as eye-catching advertisements on wheels. Their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail have truly set us apart in the market.

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