Premium Ceramic Coating.

Retains that showroom shine for longer.

Ceramic coating is the perfect choice should you wish to preserve that showroom shine for longer and make washing your car a water-beading breeze.

Key Features.

the benefit about CERAMIC COATING


Ceramic coating provides hydrophobic properties to your paintwork to make cleaning easy.

Extra Shiness

Offers a pristine finish & makes your beloved vehicle to retain that showroom shine for longer.

Cost Effective

Save money on wax, car washes and exterior detailing with a long-lasting investment.

FAQ - Ceramic Coating.


How much does Ceramic Coating Cost?

Depending on multiple factors such as the brand of the product being used, condition of the car, the number of layers of the ceramic coating are needed etc. A professional application would cost anywhere from $550 to $1500.

Is Ceramic Coating a shield?

No. ceramic coating is a paint protection product and it does protect your car’s paint but to a certain degree. It offers not so much of a physical but chemical protection. If you want the ultimate wear & tear protection then ask us about paint protection films (PPFs).

How long does it take to coat a car?

Cars will need to be professionally detailed before ceramic coating can be applied. Also, in most cases more than one layer needs to be used. So for a proper finish please allow 4 hours of prep work and 2 hours of application time.

Ceramic Coating on top of Car Wax?

No. The chemical structure of ceramic coating requires it to bond directly onto the clearcoat of the paintwork. To ensure maximum adhesion the surface needs to be decontaminated and degreased to remove all oils from the surface that is about the be ceramic coated. 

How long does Ceramic Coating last?

It varies depending on the product and the way the car is treated. If the car is being properly maintained then it should last anywhere from 2 years onwards. Some manufacturers promise much longer longevity of their ceramic coating.

How to maintain the ceramic coating?

Wash the car regularly, do not let bird droppings or tree pollen sit on your car for a long period of time, use pH-neutral car shampoo and avoid abrasive towels but use microfiber towels to clean your car instead.

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