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Tailored Consultation

We provide tailored consultation to suit individual's styling needs as we aim for a smooth installation every step of the way.

Fast Response

We will get back to you with a detailed explanation regarding your specific styling enquiry as soon as we can.

Quick Turnaround

We work tirelessly to have your beloved vehicle wrapped & protected ready to be unleashed back to the wild asap.

After-Sale Support

We will always be around & happy to answer any questions you may have for your automotive styling needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all installations. You are in good hands when you choose ImStyled.

Loved By Thousands

We are dedicated & determined to have your vehicle stand out from the crowd. We are passionate about what we do.

Dare To Be Different Than The Rest

ImStyled Auto Styling was formed by a group of car enthusiasts back in 2015 whose passion was to create one of the best all-in-one automotive styling destinations in the region.

With dedication & determination (and slightly OCD), we guarantee to top off your expectation and prolong your imagination.



Industry-Leading Setup Is On The Way

Whether it's a commercial plotter for that precise template cut or a high-end workstation setup for that extra bit of perfection, we are always trying to achieve the impossible. Stay tuned as we upgrade into a whole new era of styling.

Need Some Inspirations?


Mercedes-Benz C63S

This is just an example showing what we can achieve with cost-effective vinyl wrap options. We created a perfect replica of the factory Mercedes-Benz "Edition One" stripe packages that turns heads every time.

Volkswagen Beetle

We rejuvenated this ageing VW Beetle by giving the car an entire suite of exterior detailing followed by applying a modern Tortoise Green vinyl film in matte finish.


BMW X3M wrapped in midnight black vinyl wrap in a satin finish coupled with vinyl-specific ceramic coating for the ultimate showroom shine and water-beading results.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

This Mercedes-Benz CLA was styled for a surprise birthday gift. It was wrapped in a chrome Rose Gold vinyl wrap in a stunning satin finish. Expect the unexpected.

Toyoto Supra GT

Battle-ready Toyota Supra GT wrapped in dark knight black vinyl in a satin finish for the utmost stealth stance.

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